Nose Surgery Procedure

The Process

Clinical Examination:

During the first clinical examination, Dr. Georgiou will examine your nose both internally and externally. Some photographs will be taken and based on them you will be better able to explain what you have in mind and how you imagine your nose.

A simulation will be used, so you can have an idea, on how your nose will look like after surgery. We cannot guarantee the result though, because the computer does not take into consideration tissue elasticity and the healing ability of each organism.

Afterwards, he will explain to you exactly how the surgery works and what corrections can be made, the technique that will be used and the possible complications that might occur.

The final decision will be made in a second meeting, which is offered to you. Dr. Georgiou will meticulously study your photographs, take the right measurements and craft the right plan, which he will explain to you in this meeting. So, by having all your questions answered, you will have a complete picture of how the nose job is going to be performed.

The day of the surgery:

In the morning of the rhinoplasty you will have to be at the hospital at the appointed time. The surgery lasts about 2-3 hours. In rhinoplasty surgeries, a general anesthetic is always used. This means that you will be sleeping, you will not understand anything that is happening and you will feel no pain.

When the surgery is over, the plastic surgeon might place some special gauze pads on the inside of your nose, which will be removed the next day. In case some osteotomies had to be performed, a splint will be placed in the nose. Depending on the technique, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few hours or even spend the night there. The postoperative pain is effectively controlled with a combination of painkillers and you should not be worried about it. Postoperative nausea and vomiting are relatively common problems, but we can deal with them using the right medication.

After the surgery:

Swelling and bruises around the eyes are to be expected after a nose job. Of course, some people are more prone than others. Ice can be used to prevent the bruises from developing. You might even notice that in the first 3-4 days, the swelling and the bruises are increasing. After a while, they will slowly start to fade. It would be prudent to avoid intense activities, workout, lifting heavy weights and alcoholic beverages for a week.

rhino post op.jpg

The splint is removed 7 days after the surgery. In case an open rhinoplasty was performed, the plastic surgeon will have to remove some sutures from the columella at this point. Most people return to their jobs without any scars from the surgery, in about ten days using makeup or fifteen day without makeup.

The results:

Even though the edema (swelling) after a rhinoplasty lasts for a long time and a long time is needed (possibly even a year) for the nose to take its final shape, this does not mean that during this time the nose will not be presentable. On the contrary, the nose has a normal shape usually 10 to 15 days after the surgery. Nevertheless, even if you do not like something on your nose, you should wait at least a year before you express your final opinion.However, patients with realistic goals are generally very pleased with the new shape of their nose.

Keep in mind that worldwide and under the best plastic surgeons’ care, 10-20% of nose jobs need some corrections. This is due to the fact that there are many uncontrollable factors during this operation, such as tissue support or the healing process of each person. So, it is impossible for the doctor to control the shape of the nose without the slightest deviation. However, the fact that some corrections need to be performed does not necessarily mean that a person needs to have surgery again. Many times, the correction is made with small procedures.

Recovery time
1-2 weeks
Price range
3300-4000 euro
Anesthesia type
General anesthesia

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